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The great innovations of Crystal Lagoons

29 October, 2021 / News

The multinational water innovation company has undergone major transformations since its founding, when the technology used to create the huge crystalline lagoon of the San Alfonso del Mar project generated the founding of Crystal Lagoons.

The firm was born with the objective of commercializing this innovative concept and its technology worldwide, focusing on real estate developments in the first instance.

The success of Crystal Lagoons during its first year made it the first unicorn in Chile, as the company’s intellectual property was valued at US$ 1.8 billion.

Its lagoons of unlimited size turquoise waters became a must-have on all continents and first and second home, luxury and tourist real estate developments.

Thus, after 10 years of expansion, the multinational decided to start the second phase of development, this time with a new concept: Public Access Lagoons™ projects, also known as PAL™ developments.

These are monumental crystalline lagoons surrounded by white sands, which are accessed through a paid ticket. This opens access to this idyllic beach life to the general public, democratizing access to various services that PAL™ model offers.

The Public Access Lagoons™ developments are projects with low investment and maintenance costs, short-term return, massive use, and strategic location, which have generated the highest sales than Crystal Lagoons had registered in its entire history.

Today they represent 90% of contracts worldwide, and the company’s projection for the next 30 years is to license 4,610 PAL™ projects worldwide.

The third stage of development is starting in 2021, with the creation of Crystal Lagoons Technologies. This new company is the umbrella under which the multinational expands its business focus and diversifies into logistics, electronic commerce, medicine and gastronomy, among other areas with initiatives such as ZeroDesal, among others that will soon be publicly known.

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