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Asia’s First PAL™ Project Stands Out as a Sustainable Destination

29 April, 2024 / News

In the heart of Phuket, Blue Tree emerges as an icon of innovation and sustainability in Thailand. This project, globally recognized as the first Public Access Lagoons™ project in Asia, also known as PAL™ developments, has become a benchmark as an entertainment hub for all lifestyles, merging luxury with environmental commitment. Its monumental 4.2-acre crystalline lagoon is the centerpiece of this initiative, surrounded by white sand beaches, a private peninsula, an elegant pool bar, and a wide range of recreational facilities. Blue Tree represents a new paradigm in eco-friendly urban developments, offering a unique experience that harmonizes with the natural environment and promotes a sustainable lifestyle.

The key to Blue Tree’s sustainability lies in Crystal Lagoons® technology. This innovation makes it possible to bring the idyllic beach life to any location in the world, ecologically and with minimal resource consumption. The application of Crystal Lagoons® technology in PAL™ projects has been widely recognized for its contribution to reducing carbon footprint. It is estimated that these complexes could reduce up to 14 million tons of CO2, representing a significant step towards greener cities.

Furthermore, it has been certified by Bureau Veritas for its water efficiency. Crystalline lagoons consume up to 40% less water than green areas of the same size and up to 33 times less than a standard 18-hole golf course. Unlike conventional pools, artificial lagoons consume only 2% of the required energy and use up to 100 times fewer chemicals than a traditional pool. Additionally, these lagoons are filled only once, operate in a closed circuit, and can use any water, whether fresh, saltwater, or brackish.

Blue Tree offers the perfect setting for an entertaining beach experience 365 days a year, with a calendar full of activities. From events and concerts to themed parties, this lagoon provides a diverse environment for those looking to enjoy beach life away from the typical crowds of tourist destinations. Among the possible activities are slip-fly, water slides, Cliff Jumping & Rock Climbing, splash zones, and a water park for adults and children.



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