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Crystalline Lagoon in the Middle of the Egyptian Desert Stands Out as a Global Attraction

26 April, 2024 / News

The crystalline lagoon at Citystars Sharm El Sheikh, in Egypt, with Crystal Lagoons® technology, continues to capture global attention. It is the world’s largest crystalline lagoon, spanning 28.8 acres of turquoise waters, and is considered an oasis in the heart of the Sinai Desert. It is supplied with saline water from wells in the desert, which would otherwise go unused, creating a tropical refuge in an arid environment.

This world’s top amenity has been the subject of numerous international reports highlighting its unique features. It holds the multinational innovation company’s second Guinness World Record as the largest crystalline lagoon on the planet, surpassing the iconic San Alfonso del Mar lagoon record.

Citystars Sharm El Sheikh, surrounded by mountains, with panoramic views of the Red Sea, the island of Tiran, and a nature reserve, is the result of an association between Crystal Lagoons and the Sharbatly family, one of the oldest and most prominent families in the Middle East and Africa. This project has transformed desert lands into a paradisiacal destination, adding value to real estate development.

Crystal Lagoons® technology has achieved what was previously technically impossible: the construction of artificial lagoons of unlimited size anywhere in the world, even in the middle of the desert. Today, this innovation brings the idyllic beach experience to unimaginable places, gaining worldwide recognition for its transformative impact.



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