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Crystal Lagoons® technology: eco-friendly beach life

27 February, 2023 / News

For years, different water treatment technologies have been applied in large water-bodies to achieve good quality, such as ozone, aeration, and movement of water, enzymes, biological equilibrium, and fish, among others. However, none of these methods have created large crystalline water bodies with high transparency and microbiological quality.

Crystal Lagoons® technology is unique because allows to build and maintain large crystalline lagoons with excellent water quality at very low costs, using a minimum of additives and energy.

This concept and technology bring the idyllic life of the Caribbean beach anywhere in the world: in the middle of cities, beaches not suitable for swimming, Mediterranean lands and even deserts. Also stands out for being sustainable. The disinfection pulse system allows up to 100 times less chemicals to be used than conventional swimming pool or drinking water treatment technologies, while the ultrasonic filtration system means that the lagoons use only 2% of the energy of conventional treatment systems pool filtration.

Such has been the success of the model, that Crystal Lagoons today has more than 1,000 lagoons in different stages, in 60 countriesover 800 of these with Public Access Lagoons™ projects, also known as PAL™ projects.

The PAL™ developments allow access to the crystalline lagoon and white sandy beaches to the general public via a ticketed entry, allowing visitors to experience a tropical paradise in the middle of the city. Additionally, the space surrounding the lagoon has areas for trade shows, product launches, cultural activities in multiple settings, weddings, hotels, retail, restaurants, terraces, domes and amphitheaters.

This model is revolutionary because brings a piece of the ocean to the city, creating beach life in urban surroundings, much like an English architect did 200 years ago, when he introduced small forests into the city of London, which we know as city parks.

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