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Successful of PAL® Project in Romania: Pre-opening Sells Out Tickets With Two-Hour Queues

17 June, 2024 / News

The monumental 3-acre crystalline lagoon of the new Central District Lagoon Park Bucarest project generated an unprecedented phenomenon during its pre-opening. This Public Access Lagoons® complex, also known as PAL® developments in Romania, attracted thousands of visitors, selling out tickets a week in advance and generating over two-hour queues. More than 200 people were waiting to experience this amenity with Crystal Lagoons® technology.

On Sunday, nearly 1,000 people had the opportunity to enjoy this urban oasis, suitable for swimming and water sports, surrounded by white sand beaches, and accessible to all through ticketed entry. Visitor numbers will be expected to exceed 1,400 people daily in the coming weekends.

Central District Lagoon Park Bucarest is driven by the multinational in association with the property developer Forty Management, with which Crystal Lagoons is developing other complexes in iconic European cities such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Budapest, Rome, Milan, and Toulouse.

This high-luxury complex features 5,000 m² of white sandy beaches, a 5-star hotel with 340 rooms, 400 luxury apartments for rent, and 8,500 m² of offices, commerce, and services, including restaurants, cinemas, a helipad, a private cinema, a sky bar, a spa, educational centers, retail spaces, fairgrounds, and terraces, among other infrastructure characteristic of the Public Access Lagoons® model, also known as PAL® developments.

“The disruptive innovation of Crystal Lagoons® technology, which allows bringing beach life in a sustainable way to any place in the world, is what generates the success of these crystalline lagoons. This has been recognized by avant-garde developers like Forty Management,” said Jean Pierre Juanchich, Global Business Director of Crystal Lagoons.

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