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Projects of Crystal Lagoons in the U.S. Again Leading in Sales

2 February, 2024 / News

RCLCO and John Burns Real Estate, two of the leading US real estate study and consulting, published their traditional ranking of the best-selling residential projects in the country in 2023, highlighting various Crystal Lagoons developments among the 50 best-selling projects in the whole country.

Noteworthy developments include Sunterra, Mirada, Windsong Ranch and Epperson, all projects with a crystalline lagoon powered by Crystal Lagoons® technology as a centerpiece.

All these projects offer, according both rankings, the most sought after requirements by families: good access to schools, good connectivity and, above all, amenities such as crystalline lagoons. This allows you to practice outdoor activities, multiple sports and direct access to nature, benefits that are increasingly appreciated and sought after by potential buyers.

Within the list, Florida leads the ranking, representing close to 40% of the sales for all top-ranked developments, followed by Texas with 37%. In both states, Crystal Lagoons has a significant presence.

In Texas, Sunterra stands out as a project that, even though the crystalline lagoon has not been built yet, serves as a commercial driver within the community, generating sales speeds higher than the average, with a significant increase of 63% compared to 2022. This placed it 3rd nationally in both rankings, further boosting the strong performance of Houston, the top-selling metropolitan area in the country. Sunterra’s positive sales results had already been recorded in previous reports.

The Mirada project in Florida, with the largest amenity powered by Crystal Lagoons technology® in the United States, inaugurated in 2023, sets another record. With an 89% increase in sales, it ranks 17th. Its 15-acre of turquoise waters and white sandy beaches are a buying trigger.

Another notable project in Texas is Windsong Ranch, which has consistently set sales records, ranking 29th in the John Burns ranking. The project has also been nationally awarded as “Master Planned Community of the Year,” among other recognitions.

On the other hand, Epperson in Florida also ranked prominently in both studies, a commercial trend that has been registered since it was inaugurated as a real estate project. The interest it generated was so significant that it had to be opened to the Public Access Lagoons™ model, also known as PAL™ developments.

The United States is the main operation of Crystal Lagoons worldwide with more than 275 projects at different stages of development and negotiation. Among the most important are Mirada, Sole Mia, Balmoral, Windsong Ranch, Beachwalk, Southshore Bay, Aqua, among others. The recent joint venture to develop four Public Access Lagoons™ complexes, also known as PAL™, in Texas, stands out and will add to the successful public access developments Epperson (Florida) and Lago Mar (Texas).



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