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PAL™ Developments: Meeting point and sustainable entertainment

12 June, 2023 / News

Public Access Lagoons™ projects, also known as PAL™ developments, transform urban spaces into sustainable meeting and entertainment venues. They offer the opportunity to enjoy the idyllic beach life, water sports, and outdoor activities without the need to travel long distances, reducing carbon footprint and minimizing environmental impact.

Similar to the creation of urban parks in London 200 years ago, PAL™ developments have revolutionized city life. These projects provide new quality public spaces that enhance the lives of millions of people, promoting social inclusion, recreation, and relaxation, especially in urban areas far from the coast or with limited public spaces.

Developed with the sustainable and patented technology of Crystal Lagoons®, they provide access to crystalline lagoons and white sand beaches through the purchase of a ticket, offering a paradise-like experience in the midst of the city. Additionally, the surrounding areas of the lagoons feature spaces for fairs, launches, food halls, weddings, hotels, shops, restaurants, and concerts in multiple stages, terraces, domes, and amphitheaters, among other attractions.

These developments not only have a significant social impact but have also become a solid investment option that generates sustainable income, surpassing other industries. Their location in urban environments generates great interest among investors, as they can be adapted to different investment models and levels of infrastructure. Even those with minimal initial infrastructure have proven to be resounding successes and can expand with their own resources, creating a scalable financial model.

PAL™ projects are especially valuable for the revitalization of shopping centers, the reactivation of entertainment parks, the utilization of abandoned lands, central areas of racecourses, golf courses, and any business with underutilized land that aims to transform them into highly profitable ventures.

These projects generate revenue through ticket sales to the lagoons, equipment rentals for water sports, naming rights sponsorships, memberships, and a wide range of activities throughout the year, from corporate events to weddings and concerts.

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