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New Crystal Lagoons Project debuts in Paraguay

25 August, 2023 / News

A new Crystal Lagoons project was inaugurated in Paraguay, AquaTerra, marking a significant milestone for the multinational in this country, the second most important market for the company in the region after Argentina. This is the fourth development in association with Raíces Real Estate, and its debut adds to the successful opening of Costa del Lago in Hernandarias earlier this year. Other projects, such as Aqua Village in San Bernardino and Blue Lagoon in Pedro Juan Caballero, also stand out in the Crystal Lagoons and Raíces partnership.

In this country, Crystal Lagoons is driving 18 projects in different Development and negotiation stages. Jean Pierre Juanchich, regional director of the multinational water innovation company, highlights that “Paraguay is a market with exceptional potential, especially for Public Access Lagoons™, also known as PAL™ developments, as our sustainable technology brings the ocean experience to urban areas, creating a beach lifestyle amidst the city.”

AquaTerra is a residential real estate project on the outskirts of the Paraguayan capital, Asunción, in Luque, spanning nearly 50 hectares. The distinguishing feature of this project is its 2.7-hectare crystalline lagoon, developed with Crystal Lagoons® sustainable and patented technology. This crystalline lagoon offers an idyllic beach lifestyle, restaurant options, a gym, sports areas, and other amenities. The project includes 437 single-family lots, divided into four neighborhoods, along with the construction of 8 buildings that will provide panoramic views of the lagoon.

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