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Epperson Project is a meeting point for nautical life and recreation

18 July, 2022 / News

Crystal Lagoons has been the key to the success of the Epperson project, located just outside Tampa, Florida. Developed by Crystal Lagoons in partnership with Metro Development Group, it quickly became a sales phenomenon, topping the rankings of the best-performing real estate developments. But its success extends beyond the commercial and today it is revolutionizing the lives of thousands of people.

The crystalline lagoon was initially inaugurated as a real estate project, but was soon converted to the Public Access Lagoon™ model, also known as PAL™ developments, due to the public’s great interest in visiting it. Today, the 7,4-acre lagoon of turquoise waters is a must-see family outing and a meeting point for nautical life, rest and recreation.

It offers an endless number of activities on the beach throughout the year and for the whole family. It allows swimming and various water sports, such as kayaking, paddle boarding and windsurfing, among others. It also has many additional attractions, including slides, an inflatable water obstacle course, a wave pool, green areas for yoga, plazas, restaurants, event rooms, and food trucks. All in a safe environment, surrounded by palm trees and white sand beaches.

The PAL™ concept, patented by Crystal Lagoons, makes it possible to bring the idyllic beach life to places never thought of before, such as public parks, shopping malls, golf courses, and racetracks, among others.

In this way, millions of people can fulfill their dream of living just steps away from the beach combined with attractive services such as restaurants, beach clubs, water sports, retail stores, amphitheater and all kinds of recreational and cultural activities such as concerts, shows, open-air cinema and much more. The public can access the lagoon upon payment of a ticket.

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