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Bureau Veritas certified Crystal Lagoons® technology for low water consumption

28 November, 2022 / News

Water efficiency is one of the sustainable attributes of Crystal Lagoons® technology. Bureau Veritas -one of the main worldwide certification company, an organization with over 190 years of experience and a presence in 140 countries- confirmed this fact and certified crystalline lagoons for its low water consumption.

Following a one-year study, Bureau Veritas confirmed that a one-hectare crystalline lagoon consumes 40% less water than a green space of a similar surface area and 33 times less than an 18-hole golf course. And consumption can be reduced by a further 50% through an innovative molecular film, or layer, designed by the multinational.

Mustafa Çerçi, from the Public Access Lagoons project in Onikişubat, Turkey confirmed this fact adding, “the water consumption of a Crystal Lagoons amenity is much lower than that of a golf course or a green area. In addition, the lagoon allows us to have a reservoir of pure and clear water in one place.”

Another advantage of Crystal Lagoons® technology that makes it even more sustainable is the fact it can use any type of water: fresh, sea or brackish, form the underground desert wells, which have no other alternate use. In addition, unlike other amenities such as golf courses, these lagoons are used more intensively, allowing thousands of people to enjoy their turquoise waters with a much more efficient ratio of people per liter of water compared to other recreational facilities.

Bureau Veritas has already certified that this technology consumes only 2% of the energy that conventional pool filtration systems require. In other words, the energy savings obtained from a one-hectare crystalline lagoon would be enough to power the 20,000 light bulbs that illuminate the Eiffel Tower for four years.

Another sustainable aspect is that this technological innovation use up to 100 times fewer chemicals than a traditional swimming pool.

Crystal Lagoons has received international sustainability awards for reducing the carbon footprint of the cities where its lagoons have been built. In fact, the numerous Public Access Lagoons™ projects developed around the world could lead to a reduction in 14 million tonnes of CO2, which is equivalent to 40% of the tourism and transport industries’ carbon footprint. Crystal Lagoons most recent environmental accolade is the “Champion of Champions” prize presented at the 2022 “Green World Awards.”

Through its sustainable Public Access Lagoons™, also known as PAL™ projects, Crystal Lagoons today seeks to make life in large cities more inclusive and humane.

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