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Crystalline lagoons in Thailand and Egypt were the scene of major aquatic events

2 October, 2023 / News

The monumental crystalline lagoons, developed with Crystal Lagoons® patented technology, are internationally recognized as perfect venues for significant sports events, including Aquathlons. The recent editions of this competition in Thailand and Egypt took place in emblematic Crystal Lagoons projects. This one-of-a-kind amenity can transform any location into a year-round entertainment hub. It offers a wide range of activities, more than 125 options, to be enjoyed in the lagoon and its surroundings.

In the magnificent setting of Sokhna, Egypt, the first edition of the IL Monte Galala Crystal Aquathlon was successfully held—an elite event featuring challenging individual and relay races for professionals and enthusiasts starting from age 8. The crystalline lagoon of the award-winning IL Monte Galala project is the world’s largest and first atop a mountain, earning prestigious recognitions like the African Property and Cityscape Global.

Meanwhile, the exciting third edition of the Blue Tree Aquathlon took place in the iconic tourist destination of Phuket, Thailand, specifically at the Blue Tree complex. This project, the first Public Access Lagoon® development by Crystal Lagoons in Asia, attracted families, children, youth, and adults to participate in aquatic circuits and multi-sport races for a day.

These successful Aquathlons showcase how Crystal Lagoons’ amenity has contributed to boosting the development of these destinations. In the case of Thailand, the crystalline lagoon in Phuket has established itself as one of the main tourist attractions in a place that welcomes over 38 million visitors from around the world each year. Surrounded by white sands and featuring the concept of an “entertaining beach,” this setting becomes an ideal location for events, concerts, and themed parties, in addition to offering a variety of activities for families, from water slides to water play parks. With more than 31 projects in various stages of development, Crystal Lagoons has created a trend by making crystalline lagoons the Gold Standard Amenity of Egyptian projects.

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