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Crystal Lagoons: crystalline lagoons of limitless size

10 October, 2014 / News
San Alfonso del Mar

A unique concept and innovative technology that allow the construction and maintenance of crystalline lagoons of limitless size at very low construction and maintenance costs anywhere in the world is what Crystal Lagoons developed. This is the only company in the world that can provide this concept and technology that has been patented in 160 countries.
Crystal Lagoons’ pioneering technology is revolutionizing the luxury sector, residential developments, hotels and touristic places, with lagoons (massive bodies of crystalline water of large dimensions, in big scale, that provide the experience of a Caribbean beach to places where something like this would had been unthinkable – the size of the smallest lagoon is 10 acres).
The company’s founder, Fernando Fischmann, is a renowned visionary leader in the Americas.  These recreational mega-structures are ecologically sustainable, and they have an automatic ultrasonic water filter system. Crystal Lagoons’ most recent project is a large lagoon of 98 acres of size that is part of a residential/hotel project in Dubai.
The first lagoon in North America (10 acres of size) was recently inaugurated in the renowned Diamante Cabo San Lucas Resort.
Crystal Lagoons Corporation is an international innovation company that has developed and patented technology that allows for the low-cost construction and maintenance of unlimited size bodies of water in crystal-clear condition. Patented in 160 countries, Crystal Lagoons’ technology applications range widely from its recreational business, which brings the dream of idyllic beach life to any corner of the world, to its industrial variations in closed-circuit cooling, water desalination and applications for the mining industry. The technology was pioneered by Fernando Fischmann, the founder and chairman of Crystal Lagoons Corporation. A trained biochemist, Fischmann patented the technology and founded Crystal Lagoons Corporation in 2007. In less than three years since its formation, Crystal Lagoons Corporation has seen exponential growth and is currently involved in over 300 projects in more than 60 countries, including Egypt, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Singapore, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Paraguay and United States.



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