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10 June, 2014 / News
Crystal Lagoons

We do, as the old music hall number goes, like to be beside the seaside. But it turns out you don’t need to be by the sea to live there. Enter Crystal Lagoonsa visionary company creating crystalline lagoons everywhere and anywhere.

Ever since Robinson found paradise in the South Pacific and Chanel turned the tan into a perpetual must-have, seafront property has gone from being the province of fishermen to becoming some of the most prized by developers and buyers, worldwide.

Of course, not everywhere is fortunate enough to have enough coastline to go around. In cities like Dubai, where money is less of an object and terra-forming meets with very little opposition, the city has remedied the shortfall by building canals and lagoons that bring the sea inland. But what do you do when you don’t have a coast to begin with? Could, for example, Riyadh ever have a beach?

One visionary company, Crystal Lagoons, has made remedying this modern dilemma its vocation and the transformational concept it has come up with is finding its way into real estate developments all over the world.

Founded by Chilean developer Fernando Fischmann, Crystal Lagoons specialises in the creation of artificial lagoons that are engineered to be functional year-round, in any climate. Decidedly of the South Pacific kind – acres of crystalline water that lap up on shelves of soft, white sand – the lagoons can be built anywhere; by the sea, in the desert, up in the mountains. Even in the middle of the city. Anywhere, in short, that there’s the space and the desire.



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