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PAL™ project Blue Tree Phuket: Sustainable Entertainment Oasis

29 May, 2023 / News

Blue Tree Phuket is recognized as the first Public Access Lagoons™ project in Asia and has successfully become the epicenter of entertainment in Thailand, being a preferred destination for world-renowned events. The crystalline lagoon of this PAL™ complex is one of the gems of the project and a fundamental pillar in the developer’s sustainability commitment.

This is because Crystal Lagoons® technology has enabled the creation of authentic tropical paradises anywhere in the world, with very low water and energy usage, minimal additives, and low construction and maintenance costs. Due to these ecological characteristics, the multinational company’s innovation has been internationally awarded on multiple occasions. Its most recent recognition is the “Champion of Champions” at the Green World Awards, the highest accolade of these British sustainable awards.

The project’s Managing Director, Christian Noreh, affirms that “our goal is for Blue Tree, with its crystalline lagoon, to establish itself as the Entertainment Hub for all lifestyles, offering sports activities, gastronomy, music, and various adventures.”

The crystalline lagoon covers an area of 1.7 hectares and is surrounded by white sandy beaches, a private peninsula, restaurants, and a poolside bar, providing an impressive backdrop of turquoise waters. This concept of entertaining beach offers a wide variety of events, concerts, and themed parties, making it an ideal destination for those seeking to enjoy a beach life away from the crowds that often frequent tourist spots.

Among the activities that can be enjoyed in the crystalline lagoon are Slip N Fly, water slides, Cliff Jumping & Rock Climbing, splash zones, and a water park for adults and children, including cliff jumps.

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