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Amniofilm: A Bio-Entrepreneurship for the eye and injuries market

28 August, 2014 / News

Dedicated to the research, development and commercialization of cutting-edge products that promotes tissue regeneration, the company Lince Labs is a Chilean biological laboratory born two years ago and which developed Amniofilm: a regenerative patch (based on Human Amniotic Membrane) that helps to treat various eye diseases and others from the body, targeting eye (ocular surgeries) and wounds markets.

The team is composed by Angel Lopez, industrial engineer and general manager of the company; Alexis Zarate, industrial engineer and COO; Rodrigo Andrews, Commercial Director ; and Dario Vasquez, ophthalmologist and scientific consultant.

To carry it out, they had to invest $ 250,000 with funding from Start-Up Chile and CORFO SSAF funds, raising a total of $ 160,000. They also won, recently, the Crystal Lagoons-Berkeley 2014 Scholarship, granted by multinational Crystal Lagoons and UC Berkeley from the U.S.

“In the coming years, we are looking to invest about $ 500,000, so we expect to multiply at least 10 times our current sales,” says the entrepreneur.

Crystal Lagoons Corp. is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann that has developed and patented technology that allows low-cost construction and maintenance of unlimited size bodies of water in crystal-clear condition.


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