Fernando Fischmann

San Alfonso del Mar: The World’s Largest Crystal Clear Lagoon is Seriously Glorious

23 February, 2015 / News

The U.S. publication Earth Porm devoted a large article to the lagoon at San Alfonso del Mar, naming it as “Seriously Glorious”. The size of San Alfonso del Mar’s lagoon – 8 hectares and more than 1 kilometer of longitude – keeps captivating the world media.

“Covering about 20 acres in total, the lagoon is 3,323 feet (1,013 meters) long, just over 0.6 miles. Longer than 20 Olympic sized swimming pools, it takes the term “swimming laps” to a whole new level. Unsurprisingly, the lagoon attracts a considerable amount of tourist, all wanting to spend some time in and on its vivid blue waters”.

The publication states that San Alfonso del Mar, “set along the gorgeous sandy coastline, this resort swimming spot makes an amazing escape where you can enjoy both the beautiful weather and the gorgeous blue waters of the largest crystal clear lagoon in the world”.

Thanks to Crystal Lagoons’ technological innovation, San Alfonso del Mar became the most successful project of its kind and a real estate concept of global impact. In fact, San Alfonso del Mar is the iconic project that allowed the consolidation of the exportation model of crystalline lagoons, whose explosive growth totalizes in less than five years a heavy folder with over 300 urban, tourism, public and industrial projects all over the world in different development stages in 60 countries.

This publication adds to the myriad of stories, articles and reportages that the most important media in the world, such as CNN, BBC, Animal Planet, Nat Geo, Popular Mechanics, among others, had devoted to the lagoon at San Alfonso del Mar since it was certified as the world’s largest manmade lagoon by the Guinness World Record.




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