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La Nación: Crystal Lagoons is the most precious jewel of Terralagos project

9 April, 2015 / News

The prestigious Argentinean newspaper, La Nación, dedicates an article to the recently opened first project of Crystal Lagoons in Argentina: Terralagos, defining its crystalline lagoon as “its most precious jewel”.

The project, promoted by Crystal Lagoons, demanded a total investment of US$ 60 million and its main attraction is a paradise navigable crystalline lagoon by 5 hectares with white sand beaches and palm trees. It brings to the city of Buenos Aires a unique environment, leading the life of idyllic beach to an unexpected place. The Crystal Lagoons project is one of its kinds in Argentina of these characteristics and allows residents and visitors to do all kinds of nautical sports and enjoy a tropical paradise, every day of the year.

“This place for those who live here will be like having a bit of Caribbean a few steps from home, it´s a dream come true. Is like having a beach life just 40 minutes from Buenos Aires downtown”, explained Ricardo Edelstein, sales manager of Terralagos in Argentina.

In addition, around the Crystal Lagoons it’s located the Kids Club and the main House Club that it has 1,400 square meters. The complex will also include social and sports infrastructure, ten tennis courts; two soccer fields; a hockey field; sauna; fitness center; and spa area.

“All started with a real estate mega-development in San Alfonso del Mar, Chile. There the sea is not only cold, but also dangerous, so were constructed a large lagoon of clear water recreating life in the Caribbean. This water mirror –which currently exports to 60 countries across five continents-, changed the paradigm of property developments. Currently, almost no one think about doing an expensive golf course, which requires large areas and very high maintenance. The biggest star in this field today are this eco-friendly lagoons, based in a disinfection process controlled by pulses, that allows to use 100 times less chemistry additives than conventional swimming pools, and a low cost filtering process because it consumes only 2% of energy required by traditional filtering systems. In addition, the lagoons filled one time and then function as a closed circuit. In other words, only the water that evaporates naturally is replenished”, said Edelstein.

This complex developed by Crystal Lagoons in Argentina joins three other projects that the multinational innovation company drives in the country: “Remeros Beach”, “Lagoon Pilar” and “Acquavista”.



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