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First PAL™ project in Costa Rica moves forward

27 May, 2022 / News

Costa Rica is renowned for its more than 600 beaches and 1,228 kilometers of coastline. Crystal Lagoons is planning the first Public Access Lagoons™ development in this iconic tourist destination.

The PAL™ Development will have a 2.5-hectare lagoon powered by Crystal Lagoons® technology as its centerpiece. But this PAL ™ complex has a very special feature, as it is part of the vast 900-hectare NYA real estate project, which has another 4-hectare lagoon with turquoise waters in a private residential area.

NYA, a real estate project aimed at US retirees and wealthy Costa Ricans, and the PAL™ complex will be located in Guanacaste, 40 km from the Pacific coast and next to the international airport. These projects will make it possible to bring beach life to inland areas of this province of Costa Rica, valuing these types of areas. The public access project is expected to receive more than 1 million visitors a year.

PAL™ complexes allow access to the crystalline lagoon and white sandy beaches to the general public via a ticketed entry, allowing visitors to experience a tropical paradise in the middle of the city. Additionally, the space surrounding the lagoon has areas for trade shows, product launches, cultural activities in multiple settings, weddings, hotels, retail, restaurants, terraces, domes and amphitheaters

Public Access Lagoons™ brings a piece of the ocean to the city, creating beach life in urban surroundings, much like an English architect did 200 years ago, when he introduced small forests into the city of London, which we know as city parks. Today, all major cities around the world have parks and green areas. The same phenomenon is occurring with Public Access Lagoons™ developments, which are bringing the ocean and beaches into city planning,” says Jean Pierre Juanchich, regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean of Crystal Lagoons.

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