Fernando Fischmann

Fernando Fischmann: Excellent Chileans for history

29 December, 2014 / News

Success stories that continued and others that suffered setbacks. In the seven years of the Chilean edition of America Economia, it distinguished local entrepreneurs and executives who shone for a business, entrepreneurship or management initiative with its traditional Excellence Award, which is already a real Who’s Who of Chilean businesses.

If something has distinguished this breed of local entrepreneurs has been its internationalization, showing the route to other entrepreneurs in the region to jump to other markets. Here are 10 of them: why were awarded and which spins have experienced their lives and businesses.



Fernando Fischmann created the world’s largest artificial lagoon, replied his invention in other countries and arrived to the Middle East when its real state luxury boom started to take shape. Besides designing and making lagoons for projects, is associated with them to get a slice of their income in a sort of royalty.

Today it has more than 300 giant lagoons in 60 countries, of which 40% are in Latin America, 25% in the Middle East and the rest in Asia and Europe. His next goal: to conquer the American market, for which is making a strong commitment. In the next 15 years the company estimates it could have 14,000 new projects worldwide.

And the rewards for its founder have come naturally. Along with a number of awards for its crystalline lagoons, this year Fischmann was invited by the prestigious Business School from Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management (MIT) to present his innovation.






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