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Developer Of Crystal Lagoons Project In US Highlights The Multinational’s Technology

1 March, 2019 / News

Crystal Lagoons® has undoubtedly revolutionized the real estate market in the United States. In fact, the incorporation of crystalline water lagoons as an amenity to such developments not only raises the value but speeds up the sales rates. As a result, all of the firm’s projects currently on the market have been ranked among the top 50 most sold in the U.S.

The success the multinational has enjoyed in the U.S. was picked up by Tampa Bay Business Journal, which published an interview with Greg Singleton, president of Metro Development Group, the developer in charge of the Epperson project, Florida. In the article, the executive stresses on Crystal Lagoons innovative proposal, which allowed for the development of the state’s first crystalline lagoon project. In fact, the incorporation of the multinational’s technology was so successful, that prior to its inauguration of the Epperson project, and with just one billboard promoting it, it created a waiting list of over 3,000 interested in the community.

According to the Tampa Bay Business Journal, in Wesley Chapel, Epperson, which has a crystalline lagoon of over 7.5 acres, has had such an overwhelming success, that its developer has planned 11 additional projects with lagoons in Florida. The overwhelming interest in developing projects with Crystal Lagoons technology is due linked to the fact that they have become one of the amenities that clients most value when buying a home, according to a study conducted by real-estate consultant, John Burns Real Estate Consulting.

Another study, conducted by RCLCO, confirmed that the firm’s lagoons are sales drivers in Crystal Lagoons real-estate projects in U.S. For instance, Lake Nona in Orlando, Florida, has established itself as one of the nation’s best-selling projects, and has generated great interest from investors, due to its 11-acre crystalline lagoon.

In addition to Metro’s interest in developing more projects with Crystal Lagoons, other developers such as Land Tejas Development (Balmoral), already plan four other projects with artificial lagoons.

Crystal Lagoons continues to expand throughout the U.S. with innovative complexes such as Esplanade in Pittsburgh, which can be converted into an ice rink during the winter, and Jungle Island, in Miami, which is currently under construction. Most of them follow the Public Access Lagoon (PAL) model, which allows the general public to enjoy these crystalline lagoons via a ticketed entry.

Crystal Lagoons is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size clear water lagoons at very low costs.

Tampa Bay Business Journal


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