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Crystal Lagoons will build the largest crystalline lagoon of The U.S.

5 March, 2015 / News

Crystal Lagoons US Corp. announced an important partnership with Tavistock Developement Company to build a 4.5-hectare man-made lagoon of crystal waters that will be the main attraction of a new touristic and luxurious resort, among the 7.000-hectare site land in Lake Nona, Orlando, Florida. This will be Crystal Lagoons’ largest man-made lagoon in The U.S. up to date.

These massive lagoons recreate a Caribbean beach at bi scale anywhere in the world and they are perfect for swimming, sailing or the practice of water sports such as kayaking, in a safe environment.

Crystal Lagoons is currently working in the final details of a 36.422-hectare lagoon in Dubai. The new lagoons will make their debut in the U.S. in many projects throughout Florida, apart from works in other States.

The first Crystal Lagoons ever built was 17 years ago in Chile and it still holds the Guinness World Record as the world’s largest man-made lagoon, with eight hectares. The project exceeded all the expectations in terms of real estate sales and for that reason building companies from all over the world raised a great interest in this technology.

Crystal Lagoons is an international technology company based in Miami and with branches in Amsterdam, Dubai and Chile.

Thanks to an innovative technology, Crystal Lagoons require less water than a golf course and their sustainability levels are everlasting. This is especially true in states such as Florida where it constantly rains, since the lagoons can be restocked with rainfall water, thus they practically do not require any other source to compensate evaporation.

The lagoon will be part of a new touristic luxurious resort that will be located in the newfangled sports district of Lake Nona, which will have the new “Home of American Tennis”, of the U.S. Tennis Association, the world’s greatest tennis centre, with more than 100 courses.

Closet to Orlando International Airport, Lake Nona will have 2.200 hotel rooms, 30.000 residents and more than 100 stores and restaurants. Patented in 160 countries, Crystal Lagoons is the only company in the world able to offer this technology and it has a folder with more than 300 projects in 60 countries worldwide.



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