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Crystal Lagoons: the highest standards in design and architecture

5 December, 2022 / News

Design and architecture are of utmost importance to Crystal Lagoons for each one of its more than 1,000 projects worldwide, all at different stages of development, and this is the result of the hard work done by its Design and Development team. A multicultural team of architects, with extensive experience working all around the world, capable of adapting to any geography, to any climate or location, from deserts to jungles. This team can interpret aspects of different cultures and idiosyncrasies and adapt them to every Public Access Lagoons™ o real estate project.

The goal is to harmonize the crystalline lagoon with its surroundings, using the highest design standards to find the perfect balance between the lagoon, its beaches, the local landscape and the project’s infrastructure. Therefore, the success of Crystal Lagoons projects is largely due to their design, architecture and use of space.

Therefore, the approach to clients is from the beginning, suggesting a conceptual design, with curved and organic edges, winding paths, access to the lagoon and with the idea of optimizing land use. Crystal Lagoons not only concentrate on the lagoon’s design, but takes into account features of the surrounding landscape, and make design suggestions to developers so the end projects can achieve their maximum potential.

Crystal Lagoons always put the user experience front and center when designing any project. This means not only placing different features on a floor plan, but also thinking about the experience visitors will have.

A Crystal Lagoons amenity is meant to be the closest you can get to nature with a manmade structure and so the team tries to ensure that each project is in keeping with that idea.

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