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Crystal Lagoons® technology: creating sustainable crystalline lagoons worldwide

5 May, 2023 / News

Crystal Lagoons® technology is unique as it makes possible what no water body treatment system has been able to achieve: building and maintaining crystalline lagoons with turquoise color and unlimited sizes, with excellent water quality at very low costs, using a minimum of additives and energy.

This concept and technology brings idyllic beach life in any place in the world, in the middle of cities, beaches not suitable for swimming, Mediterranean lands, and even deserts, and stands out for being sustainable. It uses a pulse disinfection system that allows for the use of up to 100 times fewer additives than conventional pool treatment technologies. In addition, the efficient filtration system consumes only 2% of the energy compared to traditional pool filtration methods.

The success of this innovation has been so great that today Crystal Lagoons has over 1,000 projects in different stages of development, in 60 countries across five continents. More than 800 of these initiatives are Public Access Lagoons™, also known as PAL™ projects.

The PAL™ developments allow access to the crystalline lagoon and white sandy beaches to the general public via a ticketed entry, allowing visitors to experience a tropical paradise in the middle of the city. Additionally, the space surrounding the lagoon has areas for trade shows, product launches, cultural activities in multiple settings, weddings, hotels, retail, restaurants, terraces, domes, and amphitheaters.

This model is revolutionary because brings a piece of the ocean to the city, creating beach life in urban surroundings, much like an English architect did 200 years ago when he introduced small forests into the city of London, which we know as city parks.

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