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Crystal Lagoons® Latest PAL™ and Real Estate Signings

13 May, 2020 / News

The Miami-based multinational, Crystal Lagoons®, the only firm capable of creating crystalline lagoons of unlimited size thanks to its over 2.000 patents registered worldwide, is expanding with new projects across the globe.

With over 600 projects in different stages of operation, planning, design, and construction; including urban, tourism, public and industrial projects in 60 countries, on all five continents, with outstanding developments in the United States, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, among other countries.

Having initially revolutionized the real estate industry, it has developed a new business model, Public Access Lagoons™, known as PAL™, which grants ticketed entry to the general public, who can not only bathe in the idyllic, turquoise waters, but enjoy a wide array of other activities such as retail, restaurants, and amphitheaters surrounding these monumental bodies of water.

The firm has recently signed major projects in countries such as South Africa and Korea and is in advanced negotiations in several countries spotted around Latin America, such as Peru, as recentlyhighlighted by the Peruvian newspaper, Gestión.pe.


In the coming decade, Crystal Lagoons plans to bring between 15 and 20 paradise-like lagoons to different cities across the country, and is currently in negotiations with two real estate developers, with at least four of them would be developed in Lima, another four in Arequipa, and the remaining developments to be divided between TacnaPiuraTrujillo and Ica.

The PAL concept and business model will allow the general public access to the lagoons via ticketed entry, that could cost, on average, between US $10 and US $15, according to estimates based on the experience of this business model applied in other cities across Latin America.

Crystal Lagoons is to provide the patented, state-of-the-art technology for the development and maintenance of large crystalline lagoons surrounded by white sand beaches, which are built in partnership with companies belonging to the real estate and leisure industry.

South Africa

The water innovation company announced, at the beginning of 2020, five new real estate projects that will bring white sand beaches and pure turquoise lagoons to areas across the country, enabling residents in JohannesburgPretoriaCape Town and Durban to practice water sports. These immense bodies of water provide a tropical paradise to be enjoyed on their doorsteps, year round, promoting a healthy lifestyle

Munyaka, the most luxurious project, was praised by the nation’s PresidentCyril Ramaphosa, who attended the project’s unveiling. He applauded the development’s magnitude.

“I firmly believe in promoting the development of infrastructure in our country and this shows me that it can be achieved, even in adverse economic conditions such as those we are currently experiencing,” said the country’s leader, before guests attending the event organized in early March.


Considered one of the firm’s most important contracts to date, Korea will host a total of 30 PAL. The first project, confirmed to be located in the Incheon sector, in Seoul, will be anchored by a 7-acre crystalline lagoon and is set to be a major entertainment hub.

Crystal Lagoons is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size clear water lagoons at very low costs.

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