Fernando Fischmann

Crystal Lagoons’ great project in Egypt

19 December, 2014 / News
Fernando Fishcmann

With the inauguration of the world’s largest crystalline lagoon of 12,5 hectares, Crystal Lagoons reaches a new Guinness World Record with its lagoon in Egypt.

The project that involves an investment of US$ 5.500 million was only possible thanks to Crystal Lagoons’ technology  that took water without any other use, and incorporated it to desert undevelopable lands, creating real estate value.

This is the first world class project in which this technology is used for recreational and water desalinization purposes, using this hydro resource to supply the complex.

In addition, the company has other projects in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and in the near future, one in Doha, Qatar.

Crystal Lagoon’s innovation and technology has caused a revolution in the real estate market worldwide, changing the people’s lifestyles and bringing the dream of living in an idyllic beach life anywhere in the planet. An example of this is the recent inauguration in the middle of the Egyptian desert of the new world’s largest crystalline lagoon. With this the multinational reaches a new World Guinness Record, this time in the Middle East.

The 12,5-hectare mega lagoon is part of the first stage of the Citystars touristic development Sharm El Sheikh and surpasses the 8-hectare lagoon at San Alfonso del Mar, Chile, which on 2007 was certified as the world’s largest manmade lagoon.

The project is the result of the partnership between Crystal Lagoons and the Sharbatly family, owners of a holding of great wide experience in the real estate area and telecommunications in the East and Africa. The project is located in a 750-hectare site land and comprises a sum total of 12 crystalline lagoons, which will be part of the 100 hectares of crystalline water in the middle of the desert, using salt water from subterranean  napes, that currently has no alternative use.

The touristic complex  will have 30.000 residential units, hotels, golf courses, marinas, a museum, and a shopping center in the coastline of the Sharm El Sheikh.





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