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A new crystalline lagoon opens in Paraguay

17 June, 2022 / News

The Mediterranean situation and the hot climate most of the year, are very suitable attributes that have made Paraguay the second most important regional market for Crystal Lagoons after Argentina, that is, where more projects are being placed. They have 18 initiatives in different stages of development and negotiation and in 2022 it inaugurates two new lagoons. One of them is Costa del Lago, located in the city of Hernandarias, a few minutes from Ciudad del Este.

Costa del Lago developed by Crystal Lagoons in association with Raíces Real Estate stands out for its sheer size, which expands over more than 740- acre. The various neighborhoods offer single-family lots, houses, apartments, and enjoyment of its inhabitants, along with a clubhouse with all the amenities to celebrate special occasions and an environment of indescribable natural beauty. The main attraction is its 8,6 -acre navigable crystal clear lagoon developed with Crystal Lagoons® sustainable technology.

The complex also has sports areas and a marina with access to Lake Itaipu exclusively for water activities with motor equipment.

“Paraguay is a market with a lot of potential for Crystal Lagoons, especially Public Access Lagoons™ projects due to various factors. Our technology brings the ocean to the cities, creating urban beach life, just as 200 years ago an architect in England brought a piece of the forest to the city of London, and urban parks were created.

These projects will change the lives of millions of Paraguayans and will reduce the use of cars or a plane to go to the beach, with the consequent environmental savings”, explains Jean Pierre Juanchich, regional director of the multinational water innovation company.

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