Fernando Fischmann

The world’s largest lagoons and Tampa Bay

23 December, 2014 / News

Why drive to the beach when you could have a lagoon in your community? We aren’t talking about swampy lagoons, think more of being at a sandy caribbean beach.

Metro Development Group is partnering with Crystal Lagoons Corp. to bring the giant swimming pools or “lagoons” to four planned communities in Hillsborough and Pasco counties. The first is set to break ground at the end of the year.

The four communities will have pools that will range from 5 to 10 acres. Metro Communities gave an example to get a sense of scale for these gigantic pools, an Olympic-size swimming pool is only 0.3 acres. The lagoons won’t come close to the original Crystal Lagoon at the private resort, San Alfonso del Mar, in Chile. The resort currently and had held the world record since 2007 for the largest pool in the world at 3,323 ft long, covering 19.77 acres.

The South Shore areas of Tampa Bay like Brandon, Valrico, Riverview, Apollo Beach, Ruskin it’s a only a short drive to the beaches. These lagoons will offer amenities like beach cabanas for adults, six to eight foot deep water for teens to do water sports, zero-entry for kids to walk out into the water, kayak, paddle board, and swim all in the same lagoon. Why pack your car with beach gear, leaving early in the morning to make sure you find parking, then unload the kids and drag your cooler across the sand when you can have this in your community?

How are communities going to keep them clean? How will the communities afford the up keep? Easy, they are self-cleaning. Fernando Fischmann, biochemist and real estate developer, developed the technology that maintains large bodies of crystalline fresh salt or brackish water at low costs. Through and automatic process which uses pulses and ultra sonic filtration technology avoiding chemicals for purification. The energy usage in the lagoons’ technology is 50 times less than used by traditional pools.





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