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Winner of the Crystal Lagoons – Berkeley scholarship: “This award is something totally different and a unique opportunity”

5 January, 2015 / News
Fernando Fiscmann

Rodrigo Andrews, co-founder of Lice Labs, Chilean biotechnology firm that has created products such as regenerative tears and grafts for medical use, and that was one of the awarded with the “Crystal Lagoons – Berkeley Scholarship 2014” remarked that “In Chile there are some initiatives that make entrepreneurs to take part in entrepreneurship instances in the US. However, this price is something totally different and it really gives a unique opportunity. If one is an entrepreneur, there is just no better price”.

Andrews was one of the awarded people of the scholarship program that the innovation multinational Crystal Lagoons and the University of California Berkeley awarded to local innovative entrepreneurships and that was entirely funded by Crystal Lagoons with the purpose to contribute with the national human capital in entrepreneurship and also to employment in Chile.

The nominated people attended the intensive program “Skydeck – Global Venture Program (GVP)”, focused on the “Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship (BME)”, taught in the central campus of the University of California Berkeley.


Lice Labs’ co-founder highlighted the importance of Crystal Lagoons’ invitation “to take part in the innovation and entrepreneurship program Skydeck – Global Venture Program, which is given by the University of California Berkeley, one of the best universities in the world, and recognized among the top 3 in terms of entrepreneurship. The great value added of the program is that it takes innovative start-ups from everywhere in the world, seeking to change the way of thought of the teams and provide powerful contact networks in Silicon Valley. Another positive aspect of this is that the theory lessons are not taught by academics, but by the main actors in the entrepreneurship ecosystem: successful start-ups founders, CEOs, investors, and mentors”.


According to Javiera de la Cerda, Crystal Lagoons’ Research and Development Director, the “Crystal Lagoons – Berkeley Scholarship 2014” program was entirely funded by Crystal Lagoons, since “we have proved the impact that innovation has on the generation of employment. In just 5 years our projects in Chile have opened more than 10 thousand jobs”.


The executive also said that the company has experienced the serious difficulties of a local company that exports innovation to the world. “The innovators and entrepreneurs must face a hard road. Aware of that, Crystal Lagoons wants to support them with scholarships that are not addressed to innovative ideas, but to entrepreneurships that are already corporative established in Chile aiming at boost their market release”.







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