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Washington Post features Crystal Lagoons expansion in US market

29 February, 2016 / News
Fernando Fischmann

Crystal Lagoons, the innovation multinational that revolutionized the worldwide real estate market, again is accumulating headlines in the US press with its expansion in the world’s most important market. This time it was The Washington Post, one of the most important newspapers in the country, that published an important feature about the company that created man made crystalline lagoons.

The publication focused specially in the 14 acre crystalline lagoon, that will be largest in the US, and will be the centerpiece of the Twin Creeks real estate development, currently being built in St. John’s County, Florida. The project will include over 3,000 residential units, commercial and retail space, schools, parks and waterfront restaurants. A single family development on the north side of the community will include private beaches.

The Washington Post highlighted Crystal Lagoons’ strong expansion in the US. The first crystalline lagoon “to be completed in the United States will be an eight-acre lagoon in Pasco County, Fla. Eleven more projects have been announced in the United States and 35 are under negotiation in nine states, including Michigan, New York, California, Georgia, Arizona, Texas, Nevada and Hawaii in addition to Florida. Crystal Lagoons is in talks with two developers in the Washington, D.C., area to introduce the concept to this region”, The Washington Post said.

Crystal Lagoons is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando  Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size crystal clear lagoons at very low costs.



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