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The Wall Street Journal defines crystalline lagoons as the new waterfront

29 January, 2024 / News

The Wall Street Journal, one of the world’s leading newspapers, published an extensive report on the new trend of real estate projects in the United States to incorporate artificial lagoons powered by Crystal Lagoons® technology as their centerpiece.

According to the newspaper, in real estate projects across the country, developers are ditching traditional backyard pools in favor of man-made lagoons with white sandy beaches. In fact, the story is titled “Welcome to the New Waterfront.”

The article includes the opinions of developers and residents of various projects, who confirm the added value of having these turquoise bodies of water and palm trees in real estate developments away from the coast and how they impact prices and the change in the quality of life.

“From almost every room of their home in St. Johns, Fla., Neal and Barb Shact see an expanse of turquoise blue water, with tall palm trees and a stretch of white sand off their back patio. But the ocean is 17 miles away. The shimmering shore is a giant pool that spans 14 acres, contains 37 million gallons of water and courts home buyers”, the media outlet states.

The success of Crystal Lagoons in the United States is due to its crystalline lagoons perfectly recreating a piece of the Caribbean, allowing homes near them to cost less than those on a real beach. In fact, the developments of the multinational innovation company in the United States have consolidated as a commercial phenomenon, and every year, they stand out in various real estate rankings among the best-selling projects, confirming that lagoons are a driver of sales across the board.

Lagoons allow developers to sell lots to home builders at premium prices. Home builders, in turn, can charge more for the houses. Additionally, houses near lagoons sell faster than those in new neighborhoods without one, explains Uri Man, CEO of The Lagoon Development Company, which develops various projects with crystalline lagoons.

According to the WSJ, the crystalline lagoons increase the value of the surrounding land by transforming an inland area into a resort-like space. These large bodies of water allow for creating a beach-style living experience anywhere, letting people live in a home as if they were on vacation every day.

The sustainability of Crystal Lagoons® technology was also emphasized by the media, highlighting that these water bodies need fewer chemicals than regular pools and 2% of the energy required for pool-filtration systems. In addition, the lagoons are filled once and need more water only to offset evaporation.

This The Wall Street Journal article is in addition to others previously published by the same media outlet about Crystal Lagoons, as well as an extensive list of publications in the world’s most prestigious media that have highlighted the attributes of the crystalline lagoons, such as Forbes, The New York Times, Architectural Digest, Bloomberg, BBC, CNN, FOX, TVE, RAI, Nat Geo and Popular Mechanics, etc.

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