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The New York Times: Crystal Lagoons, the world’s new great amenity

6 November, 2023 / News

Once again, Crystal Lagoons is at the center of one of the world’s leading media outlets. This time, the multinational water innovation company was the protagonist of a report in the prestigious newspaper The New York Times.

The newspaper described the crystalline lagoons as the new waterfront because they have redefined what it means to own a waterfront property, noting that they are more coveted today than ever and are a key feature in real estate projects worldwide.

These turquoise bodies of water have become a global trend as they transform the landscape, creating an idyllic beach-like environment that can be enjoyed year-round. Additionally, they have become an attraction for home buyers, and unlike any other amenity, these lagoons increase property values and sales prices.

The founder of Crystal Lagoons, Fernando Fischmann, was interviewed by The New York Times, highlighting the sustainable features of his technology, which uses up to 100 times fewer chemicals and 50 times less energy than a traditional pool. The lagoons can also be filled with fresh, salt, or brackish water, using 40% less water than a green area of the same size and 33 times less than an 18-hole golf course, requiring only 2% of the energy needed by conventional pool filtration systems.

The article showcases different Crystal Lagoons projects, including the award-winning SoLéMia in northern Miami and Damac Lagoons in Dubai. Both developments incorporate a lagoon with Crystal Lagoons® technology as a central piece, allowing them to offer an idyllic environment for living, working, and playing, even amid the desert.

According to Chris Graham, founder of the London-based consultancy Graham Associates, specializing in luxury real estate brands, crystalline lagoons are desirable for their consistently clear and calm waters and because they provide safety for swimming and water sports. “High waves or murky conditions that would typically prevent you from enjoying water sports on or in an ocean or lake aren’t a concern with a man-made lagoon,” he states.

The attributes of Crystal Lagoons® amenities have been widely highlighted by the most important media outlets on all five continents, such as The Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest (the world’s leading architecture magazine), Bloomberg, Forbes, BBC, CNN, FOX, TVE, RAI, Nat Geo, Popular Mechanics, among many others.Principio del formulario



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