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Crystal Lagoons® develops its biggest project in Europe

19 July, 2021 / News

The biggest crystalline lagoon in Europe has begun construction, built with the innovative and sustainable technology patented by Crystal Lagoons® in over 190 countries. The Santa Rosalia Lake and Life Resort is being built in Murcia, Spain in a place called Costa Cálida, that receives more than 300 sunny days per year, and surrounded by golf courses. 

This exclusive residential project is anchored by a lagoon powered by Crystal Lagoons technology of 1.6 hectares that will provide a perfect place for nautical sports and swimming, and is surrounded by 12,4 of green areas, a beach club, houses, apartments and independent villas. In the middle of the lagoon, there will be two paradisiacal islands with palm trees and white sand beaches, with turquoise waters.

“We are delighted to have a project in Murcia. Few cities in the world have the same climate than Murcia, that allows people to enjoy the crystalline lagoon all year-round”, explains Francisco Matte, Crystal Lagoons regional director

With Santa Rosalía, Crystal Lagoons totalize three projects in Spain, along with Alcazaba Lagoon and Alovera.

In fact, after the great success of Malaga and Madrid’s projects, the multinational water innovation company is now breaking into the Spanish market with its revolutionary Public Access Lagoons™, also known as PAL™.

These are master licensing agreements, known as the business of the future, sparking interest in investors attracted by their previously unseen returns, long-term stability and limited risk, as well as being Covid & Amazon-proof business alternatives.

Interest in PAL has catapulted these amenities into the meeting point of the 21st century, following the success seen in Japan, the world’s most technological country, and in the U.S., both in Texas and Florida, both generating US $50,000 in entrance ticket revenues, even when operating below 30% of their maximum capacity (1,200 visitors).

The success has been such that tickets have consistently sold-out a week in advance.

“Spanish investors have been able to envision that, once built, these developments generate a financial pyramid. Despite a low initial investment, a company can achieve a very high present value,” says Francisco Matte, Crystal Lagoons Regional Director.

“Also, the hotel industry has identified an increase in value in rates and food and beverage consumption up to 200% when hotels include a beach, compared to hotels further inland. Investors have corroborated that, on lower-value land, a hotel that includes a beach as well as PAL elements can benefit from very attractive returns,” adds Francisco Matte.

The multinational company plans to develop 25 PAL in Spain, in cities such as MadridBarcelona, ​​ValenciaSevilleZaragozaMalagaMurcia, among other major cities in Spain.



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