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Seven Things Every Real Estate Developer Should Know about Crystal Lagoons

23 November, 2016 / News

Crystal Lagoons is changing the real estate mantra of ‘location, location, location.’  The multinational technology company is revolutionizing real estate development by enabling resort, hotel and master-planned community developers to bring a Carribean beachfront experience to any project around the world at very low construction and maintenance costs.

Top real estate developers are now keen on the world’s top amenity to maximize their projects’ demand and profitability.

Here are seven things developers might not know about Crystal Lagoons:

  1. Crystal Lagoon brings the beach to your backyard.

Crystal Lagoons has a portfolio of almost 400 projects in different stages of development worldwide. Since opening their U.S. Headquarters in Miami, Crystal Lagoons has announced 13 projects from Florida to Texas and Nevada with additional projects in the works from Hawaii and California to Michigan and North Carolina. The idyllic beach paradise features sustainable, self-cleaning, crystal-clear lagoons surrounded by white sand beaches. A true family-centric amenity, Crystal Lagoons promotes a healthy, active lifestyle with swimming, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, sailing and more in a safe and fun environment.

2. Crystal Lagoons’ technology is sustainable.

Crystal Lagoons use less water, less energy and less chemicals than traditional amenities. A lagoon will consume just 1/2 of the water required by a park of the same size and uses up to 30 times less water than a golf course. Additionally, Crystal Lagoons new, patented evaporation control film technology reduces water consumption even further. Crystal Lagoons ultrasonic filtration system uses up to 50 times less energy than conventional filtration systems and the lagoons use up to 100 times fewer chemicals than conventional swimming pool systems.  Plus, Crystal Lagoons’ technology can use any type of water, including salt water and brackish water – and thus can avoid using fresh water altogether.  In addition to recreational uses, there are also industrial applications for the technology, including:

  • Sustainable closed-cycle cooling system through crystal clear lagoons
  • Low-cost water pre-treatment for reverse osmosis desalination
  • Seawater purification for numerous industries including mining
  • Pump Storage that provides continuity to Aeolic and solar energy generation  (energy storage)
  • Energy-efficient desalination through Membrane Distillation

3. Crystal Lagoons are proven to speed up sales for developments.

Crystal Lagoons provides real estate developments with substantial quantifiable benefits, such as increases in pricing, sales velocity, and higher rents. Crystal Lagoons can increase the rate of sales of real estate projects by more than 70%. The lagoon can also generate revenue for the Home Owners Association with beach club memberships, entrance fees, and waterfront dining and retail opportunities. The first Crystal Lagoon in the U.S. will break ground in December 2016 in partnership with Metro Development Group.  The President Greg Singleton said the response has been tremendous with 2,000 people on a waiting list to live in the community with only two billboards marketing the new development.

4. Crystal Lagoons are replacing golf courses as the new top amenity.

Crystal Lagoons have become hot new amenities for successful master-planned communities, according to a survey of more than 270 master-planned communities for the annual ranking of the 50 top-selling communities by John Burns Real Estate Consulting. At the Diamante Resort in Cabo San Lucas, the master planned community offered two world-class golf courses, but needed more recreation for families since golf is only enjoyed by a small market – in addition to using a lot of land and water. The 10-acre Crystal Lagoon opened up a new demographic for the time-share community which used to be a primarily golf-centric sales organization. “Now, we have family amenities that attract the full spectrum of luxury buyers whether golfers or not… Crystal Lagoons allowed us to market and sell to visitors that we could not convert previously,” said Ken Jowdy, CEO, Legacy Properties, LLC.

5. No fresh water? No problem with a Crystal Lagoon.

Crystal Lagoons’ technology provides a sustainable solution for the efficient use of water resources.  The Crystal Lagoon at Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt is the current Guiness World Record holder for the largest lagoon in the world — and its in the middle of the desert. These lagoons can use any type of water: fresh, salt, brackish, or in this case, use water from underground aquifers in the desert, which do not have any other alternative use.

6. Innovation is in Crystal Lagoons DNA.

Founded by biochemist Fernando Fischmann, Crystal Lagoons now has more than 1,500 patents worldwide. Crystal Lagoons earned patent protection in the U.S., via the Fast Track program for Green Technologies by The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This program only considers technologies that represent a real environmental contribution to the world. At the 2016 International Business Award, Fischmann was named the “Innovator of the Year” for his sustainable vision for water usage and earned the “Energy Industry Innovation of the Year” for his water desalination technology that uses no energy and that aims to solve some of the global problems of energy and water scarcity. Today, the founder’s scientific efforts are focused on the development of a wide variety of industrial applications that solve global problems, such as energy and water scarcity and environmental degradation.

Crystal Lagoons is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size crystal clear lagoons at very low costs.


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