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Press highlights new projects of Crystal Lagoons in Colombia

24 December, 2021 / News

Yahoo!, one of the main websites worldwide, highlighted the expansion of Crystal Lagoons in Colombia. In that country, the multinational innovation company has just signed one of its largest contracts in Latin America to develop 13 new projects.

The new complexes will be developed in Cartagena de Indias, Barranquilla, Santa Marta and Pereira, cities of local tourist icons such as the Coffee Region and the Colombian Caribbean.

Building on the success of the first Crystal Lagoons project in Colombia, Baia Kristal, in Cartagena de Indias, developed in association with AED Constructores, this led both firms to sign a new mega-contract.

The first development will be a 200-hectare megaproject in Cartagena. It will host the first Public Access Lagoons™ development, also known as PAL™ projects, in Colombia and nine private real estate projects each with a 3-hectare artificial lagoon.

The PAL™ developments are open to the public for a fee, allowing anyone access to this beach experience, and also include hotels, stores, restaurants, wedding areas, concerts and many more.

“Baia Kristal wasplanned to be sold within three years, but ended up being sold in less than 12 months. This demonstrates these crystalline lagoons can be successful anywhere in the world, in tourist spots as well as in coastal cities. This is what led AED Constructores to extend its partnership with Crystal Lagoons to develop 13 more lagoons,” said Jean Pierre Juanchich, Crystal Lagoons Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Additionally to this public access project in Cartagena, Crystal Lagoons will develop two more PAL™ complexes, one of which will be located in Pereira. Despite being located almost 200 kilometers from the ocean, residents of Pereira will be able to enjoy a beach experience. The complex will include all of the infrastructure of the PAL™ model, becoming as the meeting point in the city.

In Barranquilla, the project will combine the PAL™ model with private residential areas for first dwelling.

In Santa Marta, Crystal Lagoons will develop a residential project focused on Colombians living abroad who are looking for a second home in their country.

These 13 new projects come as an addition to complexes already being developed in Colombia, which include Baia Kristal and another hotel development.

“Colombia is a market with great potential for Crystal Lagoons due to its climate, population and other factors. These projects will change the lives of millions of Colombians by bringing a Caribbean-like experience to their doorsteps,” said Juanchich.



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