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PEG Magazine: Crystal Lagoons Provide Desert Oasis

24 December, 2014 / News
Fernando Fishcmann

In its latest December issue, the renowned  magazine PEG highlights Crystal Lagoons’ technology that allows the developments of economically viable giant crystalline lagoons suitable for swimming and the practice of water sports.

With the attractive title: “No water, No problem: Crystal Lagoons provides Desert Oasis”, the publication underlines two of the most recent projects of the innovation multinational: Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt and Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City – District One in Dubai. The magazine highlights Crystal Lagoons’ transversal technology allows bringing the idyllic beach lifestyle to anywhere in the world: to beaches not suitable for swimming, site lands far away from the coast, in the middle of the cities and even in the middle of deserts, as in these two cases.

Likewise, PEG magazine underlines that Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt will be the company’s second World Guinness Record, with its 12.5-hectare lagoon. However, this record that will surpass San Alfonso del Mar, which currently hold the Guinness Record, will be quickly surpassed by the 40-hectares mega lagoon of the Dubai project. This way, Crystal Lagoons will have three world records due to its innovation and technology.

This publication adds up to the array of stories, articles and pieces of news that the most important media in the world, such as CNN, BBC, Animal Planet, Nat Gero, Popular Mechanics, among myriads, have devoted to the more than 300 outstanding projects around the world



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