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PAL™ projects: Where? Anywhere 

24 October, 2022 / News

The Public Access Lagoons™ projects stand out for how disruptive it is to bring beach life to cities, just as it happened 200 years ago in England, when a piece of the forest was introduced to London and urban parks were created. They offer new public spaces of value and quality of life to millions of people, providing social inclusion, recreation and relaxation, especially in cities far from the coast, congested or with unfriendly public spaces

PAL™ projects created with Crystal Lagoons® sustainable technology allow access to the crystalline lagoon and white sandy beaches to the general public via a ticketed entry, allowing visitors to experience a tropical paradise in the middle of the city. Additionally, the space surrounding the lagoon has areas for trade shows, product launches, cultural activities in multiple settings, weddings, hotels, retail, restaurants, terraces, domes, and amphitheaters.

Besides, this concept and business model has emerged as a robust investment alternative offering perpetual income and offers profits far superior to those obtainable in other industries. Located in urban environments, PAL™ generate interest in investors, because they can be developed with different investment formats, with models of greater or lesser infrastructure. Even those with minimal initial infrastructure have shown resounding success, and can even continue to develop with their own profits, producing pyramid financing.

Public Access Lagoons™ are highly valued when it comes to reconverting retail spaces and malls, reactivating the flow of the public to entertainment parks, taking advantage of vacant lots, spaces in the center of racetracks, golf courses or any company that has unused land or want to convert it into a much more profitable business, thanks to this business model.

Generate income through ticket sales to the lagoon, as well as revenue from water sport rentals, naming rights, retail, membership fees, and year-round activities ranging from corporate events to weddings and concerts.

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