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Public Access Lagoons model reactivates racetracks

20 March, 2023 / News

Public Access Lagoons™, these projects that anyone can access for a fee, has been called the meeting point of the 21st century, receiving acceptance from various demographic groups. Therefore, the amenity developed by Crystal Lagoons provides a solution to the racetracks problem because faces the challenge of reinventing itself to attract new audiences and produce entertainment offers to become recreation poles in each of the cities where they are located.

The racehorse industry has enjoyed a loyal customer base, which mostly consists of men over the age of 35, a generation in which racing was more popular. Crystalline lagoons would help attract younger generations with a plethora of alternative entertainment, thereby helping the industry achieve its goal: to become the meeting point for both millennials and baby boomers.

Industry concentration is growing as larger, more successful operators purchase struggling racetracks at low prices and attempt to revitalize them. In that sense, the PAL™ projects is a business-building opportunity with endless income opportunities, as they generate a variety of activities and idyllic beach life 365 days a year.

Public Access Lagoons™ also generates income with restaurants, retail, and food halls in the surrounding areas.

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