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PAL™ Projects: Crystal Lagoons’® breakthrough in the amenity market

3 March, 2021 / Crystal Lagoons, News

For the past years, different businesses linked to retail, sports, and leisure have faced troubles capturing new audiences, especially younger ones, who are looking for new ways to enjoy a custom and sustainable environment. Crystal Lagoons®’ PAL™ projects have been proven to be the best ally when capturing the interest of new prospects and bringing a sustainable amenity to businesses.

Crystal Lagoons’ latest business model, Public Access Lagoons™, are projects with rates of return higher than any industry and operationally replicable anywhere in the world, from the desert to the center of large, bustling cities. With different investment phases, these developments bring beach life to people’s doorstep.

Using Fernando Fischmann’s patented crystalline waters technology, PAL projects bring an idyllic beach experience inside the city, taking advantage of lands that businesses might have or creating an entire new one to bring a tropical lifestyle to businesses looking forward to catching the attention of new potential clients.

Using its controlled system and powered by sustainable energy, different establishments have noted an increase in sales, memberships, and visitors thanks to the benefit that PAL lagoons bring to their property.

This new business model has been widely praised by the press, especially during the pandemic,  which transformed all recreational activities and the tourism industry, with people prioritizing places close to home and that offer sanitary measures. This has sparked the need for new recreational infrastructure in cities worldwide, transforming these monumental bodies of water into an ideal destination for so-called “staycations”.

The most basic format includes a lagoon, a beach and green areas with kiosks for small businesses. The second intermediate infrastructure format also includes a peninsula for weddings and can host events, concerts, trade shows, etc. indoors, year-round with beautiful views of the turquoise lagoon, while additionally opening further business areas. The most complete and investment model incorporates all of the above as well as infrastructure for retail, restaurants and hotels.

Crystal Lagoons is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size clear water lagoons at very low costs.

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