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PAL™ project in Wimauma captivates visitors

29 August, 2022 / News

The 5-acre crystalline lagoon of the Southshore Bay project in Wimauma, Florida, is increasingly attracting families, seniors, and young people, captivated by this large turquoise body of water that has become a meeting point for nautical life, entertainment, and relaxation.  

The lagoon surrounded by white sand beaches is open not only to those who live in the project. In addition, non-residents can also enjoy the Caribbean experience year-round for a fee.

The project developed by the multinational water innovation company, Crystal Lagoons, in association with the Metro Development Group, is the second in the Tampa Bay region to have a lagoon with Crystal Lagoons® sustainable technology. Epperson, in Wesley Chapel, was the first to have this amenity in the United States, in late 2018. The company plans a third lagoon at its Mirada development in Pasco County and has several projects in various stages of development.

SouthShore Bay is created exclusively for adults over 55 who wish to maintain an active social life, with an exclusive sector and restricted access, while the rest of the lagoon will work under the Public Access Lagoons™ model, also known as PAL™ developments, allowing those who do not reside in the development to enjoy it, upon payment of an entrance ticket.

In addition to the monumental lagoon with crystalline waters that will allow the practice of various water sports and the white sand beach, other amenities that the project integrates are restaurants, swim-up bars and entertainment areas, among others.

Southshore Bay is approved for nearly 3,000 homes on 680 acres. So far, 630 homes are built or under construction.

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