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PAL project in Texas sets record number of visits

15 July, 2022 / News

The Public Access Lagoons™ Lago Mar project in Texas received more than 80 thousand visitors from all states in 2021. This unprecedented success is due to the fact that the monumental 12-acre body of water developed with Crystal Lagoons® sustainable and patented technology offers a unique tropical experience.

Upon payment of a ticket, anyone can access the crystalline lagoon and have the opportunity to enjoy multiple swimming and resting activities, and practice water sports such as kayaks, paddle surfing, inflatable obstacle courses and water slides, among many others.

Lago Mar is the largest crystalline lagoon developed by Crystal Lagoons in the US and as the setting for Lagoonfest Texas has become the premier summer destination with the most floating cabins in North America, 22. Its lagoon is a landmark, measuring more than half a mile from end to end and offering more than a mile of shoreline. In fact, it is nearly six times larger than the multinational water innovation company’s first lagoon in that state, Balmoral. Both projects were developed in conjunction with Land Tejas.

The PAL™ concept and model was developed by Crystal Lagoons and have as a common element large crystalline lagoons surrounded by white sand beaches and infrastructure such as retail, hotels and gastronomic services. They have areas for shows and streaming events, making them ideal for corporate activities, fairs, food halls, weddings and even concerts in a paradisiacal environment.

Their low investment and maintenance costs transform them into a business with unprecedented profitability, turning any land into a place full of fun, since the great variety of activities around the lagoon generate sources of income throughout the year.



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