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PAL™ projects in iconic cities from Asia, Middle East and Africa

1 August, 2022 / News

Crystal Lagoons continues to expand its Public Access Lagoons™ projects, also known as PAL™ developments, in capital and rapidly expanding cities, financial and industrial centers across the globe with new projects announced for Japan, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria.

These projects, which are open to the general public for the purchase of a ticket, bring beach life to coastal and Mediterranean cities, providing a safe environment to practice water sports, recreational and entertainment activities. PAL™ developments also include different types of infrastructure such as residential areas, hotels, retail, restaurants, venues for concerts, fairs and weddings, etc.

Crystal Lagoons is already present in Asia, the Middle East and Africa and, with these new projects, it strengthens its presence in Central Africa, entering Ghana’s capital Accra and its main financial center, Tamale, as well as Nigeria’s capital Lagos, the second fastest-growing city on the continent. The added value and urban contribution of these projects is what attracts developers from all over the planet.

The multinational innovation company has signed a major commercial agreement with European capital firm Tulwe Group Ltd. to build six PAL™ complexes in Osaka, Dubai, Cape Town, Tamale, Accra and Lagos, bringing a tropical paradisiacal experience to people’s doorsteps in these iconic cities in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Osaka will be Crystal Lagoons second public access complex in a highly populated Japanese city. In Dubai, where the world’s largest crystal-clear lagoon (40/60 ha) has already become a landmark, a new project will be developed at the Dubai Sports City mega-complex, adding residential, commercial and entertainment facilities, multiple stadiums and an 18-hole golf course.

In South Africa, where Crystal Lagoons already has successful projects in Pretoria and Waterval, Cape Town will see the country’s first PAL™ project.

“This agreement for projects in Asia, the Middle East and Africa demonstrates that PAL™ developments are appealing because of how they disrupt urban spaces in an innovative way by bringing a piece of the ocean to the city. This is similar to what happened in England 200 years ago when the first urban parks were created in London, thus bringing a piece of forest to the city,” said Alastair Sinclair, regional director of Crystal Lagoons.

The company is going through a unique period of expansion with its PAL™ model landing mega-deals in important markets. Today there are more than 800 projects at various stages of development and negotiation around the world. Crystal Lagoons has numerous contracts in the USA, Korea, Pakistan, Colombia and Central America – in the latter it has exclusive contracts.

Notable contracts include those in the United States (9 PAL™ developments in partnership with TSV in Atlanta and North Carolina and 5 with ADËLON in Orlando), Korea (30 PAL™ projects in partnership with NexPlan), Pakistan (15 PAL™ developments in partnership with Ary Group) and Central America (11 PAL™ developments with successful entrepreneurs in the region).

These large bodies of crystal-clear water are designed to become environmentally friendly meeting points that improve urban and tourist areas in different countries and cultures. Indeed, Crystal Lagoons has a proven track record in sustainable technology and received several international awards. PAL™ projects cut carbon emissions by more than 40% (14 million tonnes of CO2 per year) by reducing the number of trips people make to coastal destinations by around 50%.

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