Fernando Fischmann

Innovate and drive disruption or face irrelevance

8 October, 2014 / Articles

Innovate. Nearly every company has a story about trying to transform its operations as a result of opportunity or crisis. In either case, leadership must admit that the current way of doing things is in danger of irrelevancy or, in its most severe form, disruption.

Boards and CEOs expect technology to be at the heart of these changes. The old IT operating model focused on sustainable competitive advantages. The new IT operating model employs transient competitive advantages that depend on agility — the ability to jump into a window of opportunity, seize the market and deftly move onto the next opportunity.

Companies of any size can exploit transient competitive advantage using technology’s speed, ubiquity and cost models — as long as they’re unencumbered by valueless IT assets.

Unless you’re leading a brand-new company, your organization has history. IT investments served their purpose supporting that history but likely miss the mark today.




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