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The new Crystal Lagoons project in Florida attracts entrepreneurs from around the world

5 January, 2024 / News

Amidst the growing international attention generated by the inauguration of Evermore Orlando Resort, the new project by Crystal Lagoons in that U.S. city, prominent investors, real estate entrepreneurs, and executives from engineering, consulting, and design firms worldwide have had the opportunity to experience firsthand the iconic 3.2-hectare crystalline lagoon, developed with Crystal Lagoons® technology and surrounded by extensive white sandy beaches. This amenity stands as a landmark in Orlando, a city internationally recognized for its abundant entertainment offerings but lacking a natural beachfront.

Evermore, located just steps away from Disney World and Universal, in the heart of Orlando, was recently opened and is one of Florida’s most significant tourism projects. In addition to the crystalline lagoon as a centerpiece, it stands out for hosting the first Conrad hotel in Orlando, a luxury brand of the Hilton chain, and an 18-hole golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus, one of the best golfers in history.

The impact on sales, commercial dynamism, and contribution to quality of life delivered by the crystalline lagoons surprised the more than 30 visitors. Samuel Kammerman, Project Coordinator for Exdev, stated that Crystal Lagoons offers many attractive opportunities for real estate developments. “In Evermore, the crystalline lagoon creates an oasis in the middle of a city without access to the sea,” affirmed the executive.

Likewise, executives driving the renovations of significant complexes in other North American states, such as the redevelopment of the Six Flags amusement park in New Orleans, highlighted the contribution of these lagoons. “A crystalline lagoonwould be a tremendous asset to our park. I’ve been most impressed with the dimensions and the fact that, regardless of the size of the lagoons, they always have the same water quality. It’s just fantastic,” noted Michael McKenna from Henry Consulting, the company in charge of Six Flags´ redevelopment.

Meanwhile, Christina Tran, a project management specialist for Contender Development, emphasized the aesthetic contribution of the lagoons. “The visual appeal of the lagoons makes people want to be there and make beach life part of their lifestyle. An amenity like Crystal Lagoons has a very positive benefit for developers and builders“.

For their part, the Guatemalan real estate developer Oscar Paiz, from Grupo Paiz, explains, “Crystal Lagoons generates a significant impact on projects, as the lagoons provide high added value to developments. It’s not the same to sell a complex with a pool or other amenities as it is with a Crystal Lagoons® amenity. It helps to increase the value of the square meter,” he concluded.

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