Fernando Fischmann

Need Inspiration? : Crystal Lagoons’ San Alfonso del Mar

9 February, 2015 / News

The Canadian water specialized publication “Sunshine Pools and Spas” highlighted the crystal clear lagoon at San Alfonso del Mar as a model for inspiration for future recreational projects with water around the world.

“Anyone keen to invest in a recreational project with water is probably looking at their options as we speak. If you need a little inspiration, then look no further than the San Alfonso lagoon in Chile. At 1km long it is the world’s largest crystal clear lagoon”.

Since San Alfonso del Mar was certified as the world’s largest crystal clear lagoon it immediately became a world attraction that even today raises the interest of myriad media from all countries. In fact, just 6 months after being recognized by Guinness, there were more than 2.000 TV, newspaper and magazine reporters visiting the lagoon.

Crystal Lagoons’ massive crystal clear lagoons create large-scale, Caribbean-style beachfront recreational locations anywhere in the world, being ideal for swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding and sailing in a safe and fun environment.

The publication also underlines Crystal Lagoons’ sustainability, emphasizing that these gigantic crystalline lagoons just need water to compensate natural evaporation, generating half of the water consumption required by a park and up to ten times less than what a golf course needs. In addition, the lagoons uses up to 100 times less chemicals than traditional swimming pools and drinkable water disinfection systems, and just 2% of the energy required by the traditional filtration systems.




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