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A mega Crystal Lagoon will be the centerpiece of the new Tavistock’s Lake Nona project

15 January, 2015 / News

Tavistock Development Company, the developer of the 7,000-acre community of Lake Nona, has just announced a signed deal with Miami-based Crystal Lagoons US Corp. to develop an 11-acre recreational lake as the centerpiece of a new, luxury resort.  The recreational amenity would be built next to an emerging sports-innovation and performance district. An additional piece of that district will be the world’s largest tennis center, which is being built by the United States Tennis Association.

The massive lagoons create large-scale, Caribbean-style beachfront recreational locations anywhere, ideal for swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding and sailing in a safe and fun environment.   The lagoons have revolutionized the world’s real estate markets.  According to Crystal Lagoons, its innovative water treatment technology results in up to 100 times fewer additives, and averages only two percent of the energy required by traditional water filtration systems.

“We are very excited about our partnership with Lake Nona on what will be a signature project for Crystal Lagoons,” said Kevin P. Morgan, CEO, Crystal Lagoons US, Corp. “This will definitely set a new bar as one of our most luxurious projects to date and help to continue to grow the brand in the United States.”

Whether the public would have access to Lake Nona’s “bottled water” lagoon is unclear, as community developer Tavistock provided no details about the project or the surrounding resort. Tavistock spokeswoman Jessi Blakley said only that she expected “big” announcements for Lake Nona later this month.





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