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The Mediterranean capitals of Europe will have beach life

19 May, 2023 / News

“Around the world and particularly in Europe, PAL™ projects are becoming increasingly attractive because of their disruptive innovation that brings a piece of the ocean to their cities. This phenomenon is similar to what happened in England 200 years ago when London brought a portion of the forest to the city by introducing the first urban parks,” said Francisco Matte, Crystal Lagoons’ regional director for Europe.

This is how the executive explains the enormous success that crystalline lagoons have in Europe. The multinational founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann is present in Spain and Turkey and now is starting a new wave of projects on this continent, this time in Romania, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary, in partnership with Romanian real estate developer Forty Management. The Mediterranean capitals of these countries will add an unimaginable attribute: beach life, which will revolutionize the experience and quality of life for their population through Public Access Lagoons™ projects, open to anyone through a ticket.

In Bucharest, the Central District Lagoon City luxury project was been launched for sale, featuring a 1.2-hectare lagoon, 5,000 m² of white sandy beaches, a 5-star hotel, 400 luxury apartments, 8,500 m² of office, retail, restaurants, cinemas, a heliport, educational centers, terraces, and another infrastructure characteristic of the PAL™ model, which transforms them into the most beautiful place in the cities.

Soon, a project will be launched in Budapest, and Forty Management is already planning developments in Prague and Warsaw. This company specializes in high-quality and energy-efficient constructions, with advanced and sustainable technologies, having achieved numerous recognitions.

In the same way, Crystal Lagoons is expanding steadily throughout Europe and is in advanced negotiations in Italy, Portugal, Greece, and Cyprus. In Turkey and Spain, it has active operations with developments in Onikişubat, Costa del Sol, Murcia, an upcoming PAL™ project near Madrid, and various contracts under negotiation.

Lucian Azoitei, founder and CEO of Forty Management, explains that “the lagoon is the centerpiece of the project because Crystal Lagoons® technology is sustainable and aligns with our goal of reducing the carbon footprint. We believe in the quality of life. It is easy to build with bricks and stones, but it is difficult to bring life to a project with soul, one that creates unique moments and joyful experiences.”

The environmental contribution of Crystal Lagoons® technology was key, with the reduction of over 40% in the carbon footprint generated by PAL™ projects being highly valued. This is achieved by decreasing travel to coastal destinations by approximately 50%, as people can enjoy beach life near their homes.

The PAL™ model has attracted the interest of important players worldwide, with contracts of note in the United States, India, Korea, Pakistan, Israel, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, Colombia, Central America, among others, all of which are part of Crystal Lagoons’ global portfolio totaling over 1,000 projects in 60 countries.

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