Fernando Fischmann

Media Highlights Fernando Fischmann’s appointment as Director of the German Research Institute, Fraunhofer

29 January, 2015 / News
Fernando Fischmann

Many media have covered Crystal Lagoons’ founder, Fernando Fischmann’s appointment as Director of the German society Fraunhofer. This institution is recognized as one of the most prestigious scientific organizations in Europe and the world.

The main newspapers, magazines and websites have underlined the relevance of the appointment of this remarkable innovator in this organization that has more than sixty applied science research institutes with high impact and that it is linked to 18 Nobel prizes.

Wolfgang Schuch, Fraunhofer ‘s Executive director, stated that “For Fraunhofer Research it is an honour to have in our board the participation of this remarkable Chilean science man. We are absolutely sure that with his support we will be able to keep making progress in the development and application of different innovations that will let us improve the competitiveness of the Chilean industry”.

This important science designation received by the local biochemist adds to previous honours that made him the only Chilean who has obtained in Chile the three following awards: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Businessman of the year.

Fraunhofer-Gesselschaft has 67 institutes and research units in Germany, with about 23 thousand employees in Europe, The Americas, Australia and Asia and it is liked to 18 Nobel prizes through its different research cooperation networks.

This is an important scientific-business cluster, with multiple research topics, among there is the development of digital music with the creation of the MP3 file format, and innovations in Biochemistry, Energy, Biotechnology, Renewable resources, Agriculture, Information Technologies, among others.




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