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Media highlight Crystal Lagoons’ latest opening

19 May, 2015 / News
Fernando Fischmann

Crystal Lagoons’ latest project opening keeps captivating the media and public and private organizations. This time, the Chilean-American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), highlighted Crystal Lagoons’ new milestone in Argentina with the inauguration of the company’s first urban project in Ezeiza, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The name of the project is Terralagos, a first-home development located in Canning, close to de Ezeiza International Airport, less than 30 minutes away from the Argentinean capital, that has been a complete selling success.

The project that features Crystal Lagoons’ concept and technology is being developed by Crystal Lagoons in partnership with Repsa and Morvial groups and the commercialization of the project is being carried out by Castex. Both forms have vast experience in successful real estate projects in Great Buenos Aires and surroundings.

As well as every Crystal Lagoons’ project, “Terralagos” features a dream world 5-hectare crystal clear lagoon with white sand beaches and palm trees, making possible to bring a unique environment with beach lifestyle to Buenos Aires, something never though before. This crystal clear lagoon is the first that the company opens in that country and it allows either residents as well as visits to practice any kind of water sports, enjoining of a tropical paradise year round.

“Terralagos” considers urban areas and condo apartments. In addition, the project includes 10 tennis courts, 2 football fields, a hockey pitch, a mini-golf area, and a multi sports facility roofless for basketball, football, and volleyball.

“Our lagoons are a total success in Argentina. This is a unique and innovative concept that represents a powerful competitive advantage that is generating a real revolution in the real estate market, as in every single country where we have introduced our concept and technology so far. To provide people a beach lifestyle at their doorsteps in places far away from the sea is something unprecedented and y changes the lifestyle of people”, Francisco Matte, Crystal Lagoons’ Commercial Director states.

With Terralagos Crystal Lagoons totalizes five projects in development in Argentina. Lagoons Pilar, Remeros Beach, Lagoon Hudson and Acquavista, apart from other projects that the company is planning for cities such as Mendoza, Rosario and mar del Plata.


Crystal Lagoons Corp. is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size crystal clear lagoons at very low costs.


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