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Local media points out Crystal Lagoons’ scientific donation made to Babson

19 March, 2015 / News

On March 27th, Crystal Lagoons’ founder and chairman, Fernando Fischmann, will visit Babson College, one of the US’ main business and entrepreneurship schools.

The reason: that day Fernando Fischmann will inaugurate a scientific lab at that college in Boston, facilities that Mr. Fischmann’s multinational innovation company based in the US, donated to this prestigious academic institution with the purpose of supporting innovation.

The relationship between Fernando Fischmann and Babson College began five years ago when that university invited him to give a talk about Crystal Lagoons’ technology and case of success, being the only company in the world capable of keeping great volumes of water in crystal clear state, and that has lead to the proliferation of this kind of lagoons in real estate mega-projects all over the world.

Time after that, Fernando Fischmann also presented Crystal Lagoons’ sustainable technology for industrial purposes, a new business opportunity that San Alfonso del Mar’s creator invented.



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