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International Analyst Highlights Crystal Lagoons’ New Desalination Technology

14 January, 2016 / News

Crystal Lagoons‘ recent alliance with Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute to develop the world’s first water desalination plant that doesn’t need any additional energy is making headlines in the international press. Recently, noted Business daily Diario Financiero published an Op-Ed by experienced columnist and international analyst Fernando Reyes Matta that praises the “strong global importance” of Crystal Lagoon’s solutions to the world’s water and energy shortage problems.

“We all know that the world’s fresh water shortage is dramatic –it affects over 1,100 million people-, but a solution model might be brewing now in Chile” said Matta, a former ambassador who leads an international think tank on China, who stressed the global importance of this new technology.

Crystal Lagoons and Fraunhofer are currently building the world’s first desalination plant that uses the multinational’s new energy efficient water desalination technology. The plant will be located in Antofagasta, northern Chile, and will dramatically reduce the energy consumption of water treatment processes by using  heat from industrial processes, an energy source that until now was wasted.

This technology developed by Crystal Lagoons was granted patent-protection in the US through the USPTO United States Patent and Trademark Office’s Green Fast Track program. The latter extends patents to projects that contribute to the preservation of the environment worldwide. As only one in 1500 applications are accepted by this program, this shows the importance that international authorities attach to this technological breakthrough.

The plant’s development contemplates an investment of CLP $150 million by Crystal Lagoons, that hired Fraunhofer, Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization, to develop new membrane for water desalination.

Crystal Lagoons is an international innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann, which has developed a patent-protected technology that allows the construction and maintenance of unlimited-size crystal clear lagoons at very low costs.



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